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We know how to work hard - and how to rest well.

More than 4000 cadets and extramural students study at this Institute.

Our Institute offers them 2 assembly halls for 550 places, 2 museums, 2 gyms, sports area, and the water sports center in their free time. The cadets have an opportunity to attend sports sections, sports and technical club "Patriot" and amateur-talent groups.

Cadets are provided with uniform, a 3-course meal in 2 dining halls and 2 buffets and accommodation in 3 hostels. There is an equipped first-aid post with the medical staff.

Besides study cadets are engaged in amateur performances and sports.

There are different hobby clubs in Sedov Water Transport Institute:
• VIA "Storm";
• vocal group "Sireny";
• vocal club;
• dancing club "Volna";
• dancing club "Dance of Friendship". 
And also sports sections:
• swimming;
• volleyball;
• basketball;
• overall physical training;
• sports and technical club Patriot".
In 1982 the sports and technical club "Patriot" was created on the basis of Rostov River college.
The founder of club and its permanent head - Kuznetsov Sergey Aleksandrovich, world-class athlete on powerboat sport.
During the work of Patriot club many graduates have grown up and became Masters of Sports.

It’s no coincidence that the idea of its creation appeared. Very expensive import equipment has become popular on the market. And it turned out that there were no well qualified captains and navigators for using it. 

Today experience and knowledge accumulated during these years are in great demand. The club is an official dealer for selling boat MERCURY motors, the boats "MASTER, SILVER, MONTEREY, MOONREY, UTTERN", inflatable boats "PKF MNYOV and Co", trailers for transportation of VEKTOR boats. The club is engaged not only in sale, but also reengineering, repair of boats, crafts, motors. This is possible due to the created material and technical resources.

However development of powerboat sports still remains the main objective of this club.


Sedov street, 8
Rostov-on-Don, 344006


Phone: +7 (863) 263-35-15
E-mail: director@iwtsedov.ru