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Sedov Water Transport Institute – the branch of Admiral Ushakov State Maritime University is the legal successor of Sedov Rostov-on-Don Maritime College – the branch of Admiral Ushakov State Maritime University in Rostov-on-don (Sedov Water Transport Institute).

In December, 1886 the Girlovy Committee petitioned for permission to open nautical classes for its account in Rostov-on-Don. This idea was achieved with success.

In 1876 on the initiative of the Bessarabia and Ekaterinoslavsky Governor - general count P.E. Kotzebue and the Don Merchants – Shipowners nautical classes on training of skippers in Rostov-on-Don were open. Classes were located in 1894 in Moskovskaya St. in the house No. 91 (the rented house).

Later the two-storeyed construction was built at the expense of the town in Verkhne-Bulvarnaya Street (nowadays Sedov St.). It was specially adopted for nautical classes. In 1902 classes were called "Deep Sea Maritime college".

At the end of 1909 building of a new construction was finished. It was used for the joint deep sea colleges and ship’s engineers with preparatory school functioning in Rostov-on-Don. This building has remained; nowadays Sedov Water Transport Institute is located there.

  • Since 1920 — Rostov-on-Don Water transport technical college.
  • Since 1923 — Rostov-on-Don Technical college of waterways.
  • Since 1944 — Sedov Rostov-on-Don Marine college.
  • Since 1992 — Sedov Rostov-on-Don Maritime college.

The educational institution was renamed several times. Since 2011 it has been called Sedov Water Transport Institute.

The qualified staff of teachers has been formed and modern resources for educational process, conditions for accommodation, catering and leisure have been created in Sedov Water Transport Institute. The cadets of Sedov Water Transport Institute take an active part in social life, cultural and leisure and sports events of this educational institution as well as the city of Rostov-on-Don and the Rostov region and very often they have become the winners of various international competitions.


Sedov street, 8
Rostov-on-Don, 344006


Phone: +7 (863) 263-35-15
E-mail: director@iwtsedov.ru